Synergy Aromas Introduces A New, Authentic Dairy Portfolio: Dairy by Nature

More authentic. More complete. More consistent. More responsible.

Wauconda, IL, September 18, 2019 – Synergy Aromas, Inc., a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, today announced the launch of Dairy by Nature, a new portfolio of custom taste solutions.

Dairy by Nature combines Synergy’s natural flavor extraction and creation expertise with the proprietary dairy technology of its parent company, Carbery, which has more than 50 years of Irish dairy heritage. The combination of expertise and understanding the taste and functional attributes of dairy ingredients is the foundation of a new line of products designed to enhance dairy indulgence, or cleanly build it back. Dairy by Nature is a natural taste solution developed to address formulation needs of dairy-based as well as plant-based applications trending with today’s consumers. Whether the natural solutions start with humanely raised, grass-fed cows or with plant-based, vegan alternatives, the new portfolio achieves consumer demand for both clean label, and clean taste.

Synergy leverages flavor science with modern dairy fermentation expertise to provide comprehensive solutions. This process unlocks key attributes that enable Synergy flavorists to deliver technically-layered ingredients for great taste and enhanced functionality. For example, unlike typical flavors that add a singular top note, such as caramelized butter or condensed milk, Synergy has developed advanced solutions that enhance quality, mouthfeel and flavor retention – providing a long, satisfying time-release delivery.

Dairy by Nature offers formulators a solution to deliver premium indulgence in a broad range of applications including everything from fresh and cultured dairy products to nutritional, bakery, beverage, confection and even savory applications such as dips or cheese.   It also provides the means to cleanly build back the lingering creaminess of full-fat dairy and mask undesirable off-notes in plant-based alternatives.  

Synergy’s dairy experts provide a customized solution. Corunda Pruitt, Ph.D., senior technologist for Synergy Aromas, Inc., said, “Each application scenario poses unique challenges. However, whether formulating plant-based products or creating reduced fat dairy, the end goal is a food experience that forms an emotional connection with the consumer. Dairy by Nature is designed to supply a positive organoleptic experience including taste, texture, body and mouthfeel across a spectrum of food matrices.”

Synergy flavorists and food scientists stand ready to work collaboratively with customers to help reach their formulation objectives for foods and beverages.  Synergy Aromas’ science-based approach supplies the analytical and sensory evaluations to help create a successful product launch utilizing this new dairy portfolio.  To learn more about the Dairy by Nature portfolio visit Synergy Aromas, Inc. at SupplySide West booth #3021, October 17-18 in Las Vegas. Or visit the web site at

About Synergy Aromas

Synergy Aromas, Inc. is a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry. Its Synergy Pure® coffee, tea, and vanilla extracts and essences capture authentic flavor and aroma from nature. Synergy offers high-quality taste solutions to inspire innovation that allows its customers to retain their competitive edge in a global market. Synergy Aromas is committed to sustainability and is taking active steps to reduce its carbon footprint throughout every stage of its business activities. Visit for more information.

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