Plant-Based Dairy Trends

Though the movement of plant-based products from health food stores to mainstream grocery stores has been gradual over the last few decades, a tidal shift is underway. No longer are the dairy aisles limited to soy and almond milks. Today one might find an oat-based beverage, one with added pea protein, or a blend of oat, hemp and kale.

And beyond non-dairy milk alternatives, the refrigerated aisles are exploding with non-dairy drinks, smoothies, yogurts, cheeses and frozen desserts.

The market is expanding beyond vegetarians and vegans for simple reasons. Plant-based foods and beverages align with the interests driving consumer purchases today. First and foremost, health and wellness goals are becoming less of an aspiration and more of a lifestyle. Because fruits, vegetables and grains are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, they appeal to consumers’ nutritional desires.

These foods and beverages tick another box on consumers’ wish lists.

Plant-Based Products’ Blossoming Potential

Over the past year, we have conducted a considerable amount of research on the plant-based and non-dairy alternative markets. Among insights about the consumers and their motives for purchasing, we have identified what consumers think can be improved in non-dairy products. With the goal of meeting consumers’ expectations, Synergy Aromas developed technical solutions that will deliver a great tasting non-dairy alternative experience to consumers.

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The global plant-based food market reached $21 billion in 2020 on the heels of five years of double-digit growth.

Understanding the non-dairy alternatives market and what’s motivating these savvy consumers is the key to building products that can capture this growing opportunity.

We invite you to connect with our team for a deeper understanding of the plant-based consumer and the taste solutions that make these products delicious.

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Dairy by Nature for Plant-Based Products

Plant-based products present added formulation complexity when trying to deliver a well-balanced profile. From managing off-notes from plant-based ingredients and fortification to delivering the creamy, dairy-like flavor and mouthfeel consumers crave, we can help. Dairy by Nature combines natural flavor with masking and mouthfeel technologies to create the most true-to-nature solutions for your plant-based products.

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Paired to Perfection

Drawing on years of experience in delivering captivating taste performance in high protein products, Synergy Aromas has established an analytical-based approach to help fuel your plant protein product development. By identifying the perceived volatile flavor compounds in key plant-based offerings, our flavor creation team can help optimize flavor profiles specifically formulated to perfectly pair with plant-based proteins. Learn more about our flavor solutions for plant-based protein.