Synergy Aromas Introduces a Line of Authentic Hop Essences for a Variety of Beverage Applications

Using its proprietary technology, Synergy Aromas, a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, has launched a new portfolio of Synergy Pure® hop essences that deliver the full aromatic and taste profile of several popular hop varietals.

Previewed at the Craft Brewer’s Conference last month, many brewers saw the advantages of using Synergy Pure® hop essences as part of the dry hopping process, as a way of reducing the amount of hops used. Synergy Pure® water-soluble hop essences, made from specific varietals chosen based on their unique profiles, include:

    • Citra® Hops: Green, fresh notes of citrus peels, with hints of lemon, orange and lime.
    • Simcoe® Hops: Earthy, woody notes with hints of pine, tropical green, and fruity notes of peach and apricot.
    • Columbus Hops: Heavy aroma, filled with citrus, pine, and other green notes, with a fruity and impactful taste.
    • Idaho 7® Hops: Clean, green aroma with hints of mango and candy apple; earthy and pine flavor profile with tropical, citrus and floral undertones.
    • Centennial Hops: Earthy and citrus aroma, characteristic of traditional hop profiles, with similar tonalities in flavor.


Synergy Aromas will continue to explore new trending hop varietals coming from the Southern Hemisphere to add to the portfolio in the coming year.

“Our versatile and easy-to-use Synergy Pure® hop essences are produced using proprietary technology that preserves naturally occurring aroma and taste and are as clean label as a product can get,” said Kevin Collins, business development director at Synergy Aromas. “By focusing on these varietals, Synergy Aromas can deliver authentic hop flavor in a variety of beverage applications.”

Synergy Pure® hop essences will be featured at the Synergy Aromas IFT19 booth (H4312) at the annual expo in New Orleans, June 2-5, where the company will showcase inspiring tastes from the past, present and future. To learn more about Synergy Aromas’ high quality taste solutions, including Synergy Pure® hop essences, and its extensive experience across the food, beverage and nutritional products industries, visit

About Synergy Aromas

Synergy Aromas, Inc. is a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry. Its Synergy Pure® coffee, tea, and vanilla extracts and essences capture authentic flavor and aroma from nature. Synergy offers high-quality taste solutions to inspire innovation that allows its customers to retain their competitive edge in a global market. Synergy Aromas is committed to sustainability and is taking active steps to reduce its carbon footprint throughout every stage of its business activities. Visit for more information.

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